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Summer CSA

Finn Meadows Farm Summer 2017 CSA Options 

Please note: We are no longer farming at Aberlin Springs.  

Summer Vegetable CSA  On the contract, we ask you to check next to your preferred shopping time.  If you can’t make it for these days and times, then come later in the day or later in the week.

 Weekly Farm Schedule

(Please note: We are adding a Wednesday evening market – Blue Ash, so the Montgomery shop will not be fully stocked at that time.)


Monday SHOP CLOSED for rest and basic farm maintenance
Tuesday Official Montgomery CSA pickup 4-6pm
Wednesday Open 9am-2:30pm, Blue Ash Market 3:30-7pm at Summit Park, stop into use your credits at market
Thursday Official Montgomery CSA pickup 2-4pm
Friday Open 9am – sunset*
Saturday Montgomery Market 9-12:30, stop in to use your credits at market+
Sunday SHOP CLOSED, Hyde Park Market 9-1:30, stop into use your credits at market

+you can still stop by the farm for meat and eggs on these days
*The produce in the shop is likely whatever is left from the previous day’s harvest as we are limited by our need to tend to other aspects of the farm.

The summer CSA runs officially from June 1 until November 1.  Availability and timing of crops depends on the season, the weather, and what we have already established in the ground. The available items will rotate in and out, and we will do our best job at extending the season and fairly distributing the limited items as they increase and decrease seasonally.

This is a vegetable, meat, and egg CSA with some fruits. Vegetables are a central part of the CSA . We hope that members will partake in a wide variety of our products and enjoy the seasonal change of crops. That being said, some people are vegetarians, some are meatatarians, and we welcome all.

Produce will likely include:

Arugula                                  Kale                                        Spinach

Asian Greens                       Kohlrabi                                 Summer Squash

Beans                                     Leeks                                    

Beets                                      Lettuce                                   Sweet Potatoes

Broccoli                                  Melons                                   Swiss Chard

Cabbage                                Onions                                   Tomatoes

Carrots                                   Parsnips                                Turnips

Cauliflower                           Peas                                       Watermelon

Celery                                     Peppers                                 Winter Squash

Sweet Corn                           Potatoes                               

Cucumbers                           Pumpkins                             

Eggplant                                Radish                                 

 While we understand vacations and certain circumstances, you are generally expected to pick up your share once a week.  If you can’t make it during the official pick up time, you are allowed to come late or in the following days, but the best produce available is during the official pick up.

What does it cost? (22 weeks total)

Half share-325$, we give you 10% more in credits, spaced throughout the season

Whole Share- 425$, we give you 15% more in credits, spaced throughout the season

Super Share- 800$, we give you 20% more in credits, spaced throughout the season


 Chart Showing Maximum Credit Balances and Bonuses Added
(NOTE: This is NOT a chart showing the price for our CSA – that is listed just above, and is a flat fee for joining.  No other payment is necessary unless you would like to reload your credits.)

  June 1 (beginning balance) July 1 August 1 September 1 October 1 Total bonus credits when maximum monthly balances are met
Half Share $325
$260 $8* $190
$33, or 10% of initial investment
Whole Share $425
$340 $16 $255 $16 $170
$64, or 15% of initial investment
Super Share $800
$640 $40 $480 $40 $320
$160, or 20% of initial investment

*Each box shows maximum credit balance above, and the bonus you receive if reached below

How do credits work?

The cost structure is the same as last year, and just as a reminder the extra credits we provide will be distributed over the course of 5 months to encourage members to shop each week.  (You may move past our targets – ie if you’re a half share and your credits are at $250 by July 1, you will still get the same bonus).  We will do the math for you at the end of each month.  Adding more credits doesn’t hinder your ability to get a bonus.  So let’s say you get a half share.  You pay $325.  In June you start with $325.  If by July 1 you are down to $260, you get an extra $9 to spend on your credit board.  If by August 1 you are down to $190, you get another $9 to spend.  And so on.  If you stay on target (or below target) until the end of the season you will have accumulated the 10% extra in credits, which can also be thought of as a discount.  You have from the end of May until the end of October to spend the initial share purchased.  The credits are all on an honor system and you will have a book to track your work. This will all be explained to new members during a short orientation session. Also, we’ll usually be there to help during the first pickups.

Please note: We do not allow split shares. The credits you purchase are for you and your immediate family only. We believe that a commitment of at least a half share is necessary for the program to thrive. The reason for this belief is that the year is long and involves many changes and ups and downs. We need people in this program that are committed to weekly farm eating so that we can sell our midweek harvests rain or shine, summer or school year.  Your friends or neighbors must buy a separate CSA share if they would like to use the credit system.  If you feel that the CSA commitment is too big, you may want to try visiting us at the farmers market instead.

What if I spend all my credits before the season is over?

The initial share amount is really just a minimum investment in our farm.  You can always purchase more credits.  You will be given the same discount as your initial share purchase (Example: Let’s say you start with a half share and spend all your credits. You may want to reload $100.  On your board we would write $110, because we added an extra 10% in credits).  There is no need to save your credits until the end of the season, especially because they do expire, and you can always add more.  Ideally, you will love our food so much that you’ll want to add more credits.  Any new credits you purchase can be rolled over into a Winter Share.

What if I can’t make it during official pick up times?

We expect our members to pick up a variety of foods at least once a week.  It’s okay if you need to go out of town, we understand.  We are flexible about when during the week you come and pick up, but keep in mind that we have official pick up times to make it easier for you to shop and to ensure that the freshest produce and widest variety are available at specific times.  Beginning in the spring we will have two farmers markets where you may also pick up produce.  During the farm markets, no produce will be left in the shop.  See our calendar of availability (above and on website) to figure out the best times to shop.

When will meat be available?

Beef will be available starting in late summer or early fall. Beef availability depends on our management decisions, but expect beef availability to get better every year as we grow the business. 

We have a good supply of pork to start the season, and more hogs going to the butcher in early spring. With added help on the farm, we will do our best to keep pork in full supply for all or most of the season.

We’ll attempt to supply all your egg needs to the best of our abilities, but remember that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control (ie a fox in the henhouse). Expect there to be some limits on your egg purchases until late summer when the new batch of layer chickens takes over for the old. 

Our goal is to make pastured broiler chickens available year round, but there is a chance that some will sell out before new ones are available again in June. We now sell parted-out and whole birds. Turkeys are available generally on Thanksgiving. You must write your name on our reservation list to get one when that time nears). As usual, Thanksgiving turkeys can be purchased with summer credits. If the spirit moves us, there may be some late summer turkeys available for ground and turkey breast. Expect stewing hens to also be available at varying points through the summer.

How do I sign up?

We will release the new info on our Summer CSA in early 2018.  Check back!

Contract (below) and payment in full are due on April 1, 2017 (we still have a few spots open as of 4/7) Checks can be made payable to Finn Meadows Farm. Space is limited.  

Questions or concerns?  Email Marc and Claire Luff at

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