ecological farming in southwest ohio

Bulk Pastured Pork

DSCN2212We are now accepting orders for our pastured pork.  These pigs live extremely happy lives – they are raised on grass, where they are allowed to forage for greens, roots, and bugs, and also permitted to dig in the dirt, which is their natural state of being.  They get moved about once a week to a fresh paddock.  They are fed non-GMO feed from a local source, and are also given generous amounts of vegetable scraps, which they love. 

We have several heritage sows (Berkshire, Duroc, and Black Spot), but the piglets are a mix of breeds due to their father being a mix.  We have found that it doesn’t matter what breed the pigs are in terms of flavor, but what matters most is what they are eating.  Not only does this pork taste fantastic – we think it is the best pork we have ever eaten – but it also has a higher omega-3 content due to the pigs’ diet of vegetables and grass.  (Your standard industry-produced, confined pork is fed grain only.)

Please let us know if you have any questions.  You may order any time using this form below, or email us about individual cuts.  (But note that we don’t have any cuts beyond what is listed on the form below, including pork belly – everybody wants it but we need it for bacon!  Plus pork belly is only 10% of the animal.)

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